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Let us do the hard work for you!

Don’t let a bureaucracy ruin your day.
That is why we are here to help!

Property Management with an annual contract

Residence “full package” *$150 USD per month
Lotstarts at $30 USD per month
Fincastarts at  $100 USD per month
Employee Managementstarts at  $75 USD per month
Payroll Management$75 USD per month

We have established clear accounting practices using Quickbooks Pro Online – and professional accountants – so that our monthly accounting reports are always on time and clear to you. You also do not need a bank account – as we can keep track of your balances and expenses all within our own system – so that it’s always easier for you.

*We are very flexible so if you are interested in some of the services we can personalize the offer.

ServicesWithin the annual contractPer items
Housecleaning$ 6.5 USD per hour$ 7 USD per hour
Laundry$ 3 USD per kilogram$ 4 USD per kilogram
Gardener$ 7 USD per hour$ 8 USD per hour
Maintenance Repairs$ 8 USD per hour$ 9 USD per hour
Emergency Repairs after hours$ 20 USD per hour$ 25 USD per hour

We follow Fair Work Practices and encourage local employment. Our staff are fully trained and their work is always monitored by management staff. They are fully legal to work, declared at Social Security (CCSS), Insurance (INS) and all pertinent government agencies. They also get paid for holidays and Christmas bonus.

Pool managementincluded$ 25 USD per month
Utility Payments *included$ 10 USD per utility

* Electricity, telephone, Internet, water bills, cable, alarm etc.

Special ServicesWithin the annual contractPer items
Insurance Applicationincluded$ 150 USD
2nd insurance Applicationincluded$ 75 USD
Insurance Renewalincluded$ 35 USD
Municipal Tax Paymentincluded$ 40 USD
Corporation Tax Paymentincluded$ 40 USD
Municipal Property Registration *$ 150 USD$ 150 USD
Topographer$ 50 USD$ 70 USD
Register at Tributacion$ 250 USD$ 250 USD
Modification at Tributacion$ 150 USD$ 150 USD
2nd modification at Tributacion$ 80 USD$ 80 USD

* Required certifications included

Administrative Services

Personeria Juridica *

$ 12 USD

Certified Title report *

$ 12 USD

Certified Map Report *

$ 12 USD

* Certifications are valid for 15 days after issue. You will receive the certification via email within 60 minutes of request.

Any question? Do not hesitate to contact us.