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Accounting & Financial Services

Our accounting department is here to help you with all your accounting requirements. As of last summer 2019, the tax laws of Costa Rica have been rewritten and affect how we do business in Costa Rica. There is a lot more reporting to do, and this can be quite complicated. We offer a variety of options and solutions for individuals or businesses, so that you can do what you do best without the burdensome and expensive stress of accounting.

We have hired a team of dedicated accountants that work closely with us, so that we may offer a variety of accounting services to the area – without actually hiring an accountant. Our work is audited by licensed accountants regularly and verified before being submitted to the tax departments.

If you operate a vacation rental, you absolutely have a few requirements to meet including:

  • Factura Electronicas for each reservation
  • Digital Declaration of expenses
  • Calculation of IVA to be declared
  • Declaration of IVA and Renta Taxes
  • Payment of the taxes

We have created a simple system that works for indivudual vacation home owners, where all you do is enter your reservations into a provided s[readsheet and we take care of the rest. At the end of every month, we calculate, decalre and liquidate your taxes so that you are always up to date and in compliance.

There are a few tips and tricks to saving on some Income Taxes. Please contact us to schedule a consultation with us in order to discuss these options.